Cool Tools to Make More Money as a Writer

Please join me for this event on July 30 in San Diego. Details are here.

Sell your books for far more money than the royalty share from distribution channels with new, easy-to-use tech tools and services. You’ll learn how to streamline your production process by formatting print and ebooks at the same time, how to to slice and dice your writing to sell shorter works and combinations of works, and how to sell and pre-sell single books, stories, articles, and subscriptions (even in beta) direct to your readers. You can even package your writing with other products like digital audio, video, courses, even coffee mugs and t-shirts!

These tools and services are all non-exclusive, which means you can mix and match and make more money from your work and, at the same time, publish independently with the usual suspects like Amazon, IngramSpark, and Smashwords.

Most authors miss out on the opportunity to cash in on the “1000 True Fans” phenomenon to create a regular income stream and connect directly with readers who provide valuable feedback, encouragement, and inspiration to create future books and products. These technologies eliminate the barrier between writer, reader, providing direct communication and sales. It’s incredibly rewarding in many different ways!



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