A Body of Work: My Self-Publishing Videos

Today I wanted to send you a collection of videos on writing and self-publishing that I think you’ll find helpful. There are five episodes of the Carla & Marla Show, a series I’m doing with author and editor Marla Miller on the new rules for authors in the world of indie publishing. I’m a geek and she is craft-oriented, so it’s a good balance.

The first video you’ll see is a quick overview of the Self-Pub Boot Camp program special. I know that many of you have already taken the program, but if a writing friend needs self-publishing help, this would be the time to share!

The other videos are all information and interviews discussing self-publishing tools, best practices, social media and marketing, and there are a couple of interviews with authors as well. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel to get updates, or follow me on Google+ to be notified there.

By the way, I think Google+ is the bomb when it comes to social media sharing for writers, even though they ditched Authorship, as of this morning, in favor of Rich Snippets. Okay. New experiment! But still, long writerly posts look great in G+ and community leaders can separate group topics into folders, a solution I wish Facebook would also implement.

Just so you know, I organized the videos in this blog post using Storify. It’s a cool tool you might want to use to present your posts, videos and tweets to your readers.

Enjoy the videos!

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  1. Wonderful article and videos! I have a friend who is looking in to self publishing, so this post will come in handy and I’ll definitely pass it along. I came across a book by Helen Sedwick called “Self-Publisher’s Legal Handbook” that has a lot of great information as well.

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