Self-Pub Boot Camp Guide for Authors by Carla King

The Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors: Step-by-step to publishing, promoting and selling your book in print and every popular ebook format

When you’re ready to get down to the process of self-publishing it’s time to get this book and follow this step-by-step guide to publish, promote and sell your books in print and every popular e-book format. The insights, information, tips, worksheets and checklists make it an essential guide to successful navigation through publishing your print and ebooks. The method is simple: When all the tasks are check off, your book is published!

When you take the Self-Pub Boot Camp workshop, both of my books are included free, in ebook format.

How to Self-Publish Your Book by Carla King

How to Self-Publish Your Book: A practical guide to creating and distributing your ebook or print book

This book published by PBS is a collection of my PBS Mediashift columns updated for end of 2013 and it’s a great companion to the Self-Pub Boot Camp Guide for Authors. It’s an easy-to-read orientation to today’s self-publishing landscape. Whether you are self-publishing a personal book, or you are dedicated to self-publishing as a business, or you want to attract a publishing partner, you can now do it yourself cheaply, easily and proudly. Plot your success by choosing the reputable tools and services recommended here, along with techniques that will help your book succeed in the market that you choose. It’s a great, easy-reading companion to the Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors.

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I love my Kindle Paperwhite. It’s easy to read on, I can highlight to my heart’s content, bring all my books with me when I travel, and use the Amazon Prime Lending Library. It’s also easy on the eyes – much easier than a computer or a tablet screen – as it’s meant to duplicate the experience of reading on paper. Want one? Check it out on – you can get one in just a couple of days.