The book design templates I recommend the most

If you're self-publishing a text-heavy book and you don't have the money to hire an interior designer you have a couple of good choices: Book Design Templates and Pressbooks.

Book Design templates

You can get beautiful, customizable, and professional-looking Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign templates for as little as $57 for both print and ebook formats.

Interior Book Design Templates I recommend most

They've got a lot of templates to choose from, and are adding more all the time. ​

Once you're done, they're ready for upload to Amazon CreateSpace, IngramSpark, Smashwords, and other distributors. Just add a cover!

Where do you get the cover design? Check out Reedsy, Canva, PubLaunch, or search for cover designers in your genre. Don't forget to get recommendations from other authors.

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PS: Don't forget to purchase your own ISBNs so that you can be free to publish however you like. Think of it as a $295 insurance policy for your book.


If you know WordPress you're going to love Pressbooks, the publishing system that's build on WordPress.

Pressbooks back end

They offer about forty themes and you can export to PDF for print, MOBI for Kindle, EPUB for other ebook reading devices, plus HTML and other formats.

I use Pressbooks to create quick books to give away to my email subscribers and books that I need to update often, like my Consumer's Guide for Self-Publishers.

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Consumer's Guide for Self-Publishers by Carla King Author Friendly

Pressbooks is also really great for creating books from your blog posts. You can upload your entire blog to Pressbooks or choose one or more categories. I explained how in my post on Blogging for Authors: A How-To Guide.

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