Virtual Self-Pub Boot Camp

Because self-publishing shouldn’t have to be an adventure

Carla King Travel Writer Self-Publishing ExpertHi, I’m Carla King, adventure travel writer and self-publishing expert. In 2010 I started Self-Pub Boot Camp to educate authors on publishing possibilities, inviting industry experts to come talk to authors about publishing solutions and best practices. Each boot camp was a daylong intensive designed for accelerated learning.

Now Self-Pub Boot Camp is available online, virtually, on-demand for download 24/7, whenever you’re ready. Because it’s virtual I can offer the program for $99, under half the price of the physical boot camps. And I can offer more content than you can fit into an eight-hour day.

When you complete the purchase you’ll get a download right then and there. Unzip the file and start the program when you want it, where you want it – on your computer or your mobile device. Choose to do it “boot camp” style or take it slower, at your own pace.

This program not only educates you on the self-publishing options, but empowers you to publish smart; keeping control of your book and using all the tools available to you to make it a success. That’s why my motto for the boot camp is:

Get educated. Get empowered. Get published.

The total run time is over 10 hours of intense learning with the following core group of experts:


Here’s the list of experts and topics. I’ve made sure it’s just the right mix so that you learn about all the important aspects of indie publishing.

  • Carla King, Misadventures Media: Determining Your Publishing Path
  • John McAlester, PigeonLab: Ebook Formatting and Distribution Basics
  • Linda Lee, AskMePC: Creating WordPress Blogs and Websites
  • Robin Cutler, IngramSpark: Getting Your Books Online and into Stores
  • Mark Coker, Smashwords: Creating Bestsellers with PreOrders
  • Ron Martinez, Aerbook: How to Launch Your Book in the Social Stream
  • Brian Felsen, BookBaby: Social Media Marketing in 20 Minutes a Day
  • Nina Amir, Inspiration to Creation Coach: How to Blog a Book
  • Karl Palachuk, Big Little Book Co.: Publish Like a Business Not a Hobby
  • David Wogahn, SellBox: Optimizing Your Book for Amazon (Sept 2014)

The download includes audio-video slideshows, audio, PDF slidesets, books and documents so you can learn at your own pace on your computer at home or on your mobile device.

Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors and  How to Self-Publish Your BookIn addition to the presentations you get two ebooks: The Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors and How to Self-Publish Your Book

You also get membership in Indie Book School, a private community with accomplished, motivated authors like you.

Once you’re in the private community, you’ll benefit from a lot more bonuses too, including slide presentations, books, freebies and discounts from more of my awesome publishing friends.

The program costs only $99 to download all the materials, plus membership in the community, not to mention ongoing bonuses.

Purchase and download here.
Self-Pub Boot Camp

Indie Book School Private Google+ CommunityYou’ll immediately receive a link to download a zip file containing all the recordings and materials to view or listen to on your computer or mobile device. You’ll also get instructions on how to join the Indie Book School private community. I look forward to seeing you there to help you guide your indie author journey.







July 7, 2014

Indie Author Katy TackesDear Carla,

I wanted to drop you a note of gratitude. Without your great advice and guidance on how to self-publish, I would still be lost and most likely frustrated to the point of giving up.

I had never pursued being an author or even writing a novel until very recently. Once I completed the work, I had no idea of what the next steps were or how to go about executing them. Each Time She WakesBy chance, I saw that you were doing a seminar on Self-Publishing, which I honestly had not considered up until my visit to your website. I had heard horror stories of ridiculous costs and being taken advantage of one’s inexperience by a few bad seeds in the industry.

Once I made my through the wealth of knowledge in your website, newsletters and book I had the power to turn this novel into my destiny. Without your concise, step-by-step guidance and vetting of resources my novel would never have come into fruition.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, experience and resources. You’re the best!

Katy Tackes
Author, Each Time She Wakes
Get it in print and ebook formats.

Read this interview with Katy Tackes. It’s an interesting story.
Self-Pub Boot Camp Success - Art of Adventure, Karen Fritz

May 2014

Dear Carla,

I went to your talk at Horizons Unlimited in 2012 because a non-techie friend wanted to write a book. You made it so clear, I knew I could help him. So I went home and got your book and read it (really!).

Then two months later, a book idea found me! Within three days, I’d gathered 75 photos and quotes, done a layout, uploaded a pdf to createspace, and ordered myself a copy of my “blank” book to be my journal to write the book into! Your idea to order half-done copies as my own motivation was perfect!

I wrote. And I carried that journal-copy everywhere. I had friends write blessings into it. Even when I spent several months extremely ill, I kept “my book” close ~ because the pictures and the message even helped keep my own spirits up!

Now as my health has returned, so has my muse. The writing has come together and I’m uploading my final proof so I can check it carefully and push the PUBLISH button.

Thank you so much for the research you put into Self Publishing Boot Camp, and making it simple and straightforward for the rest of us!

Karen Fritz, AUTHOR! The Art of Adventure

October 2013

As a first-time self-publisher, I don’t know what I would have done without Carla’s Self-Publishing Boot Camp workshop as well as the Guide for Authors she provided for the students to take home. It’s invaluable! Comprehensive, user-friendly, and short enough that you can read it quickly and get on with publishing your book. Plus, Carla then became available to me via email when I needed advice about how to proceed–a huge boon in what can be such an isolating process. Thank you, thank you Carla! –Penny Rosenwasser, Ph.D., author, Hope into Practice, Jewish Women Choosing Justice, Despite Our Fears

More testimonials…

This boot camp saved me many hours of research and countless mistakes I would have made. – Scott James

Thank you for two of the most informative seminars I’ve ever attended at a conference. I was so jazzed! – Samantha Li

Her book was my roadmap for the distribution strategy for [my Big Book of Content Management]. – Andreas Ramos

I would most definitely encourage reading posts by Jane Friedman, Carla King, Joanna Penn, and Guy Kawasaki. There are many others, of course, but these are my personal go-to sources. – Hyla Molander, My Drop Dead Life in the Scribd Blog

Read the detailed testimonials below…

Andreas Ramos, The Big Book of Content Marketing

July, 2013

Content Management Expert Andreas Ramos used the Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors as his guide to self-publishing his Big Book of Content Marketing, reviewed in Forbes Magazine! Looks what he has to say:

There are a number of books on digital publishing. Guy Kawasaki’s APE: How to Publish a Book (Nonoia Press, 2012) is a quick overview. A better resource is Carla King’s Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors (, 2nd ed., 2012). Carla has written seven books and teaches courses on self-publishing. Her book explains the options for producing and distributing your book. Her book was my roadmap for the distribution strategy for this book. - Andreas Ramos, Content Market Expert, author of The Big Book of Content Marketing

September 24, 2012

Samantha Le, Author, Poet

Central Coast Writers Conference

Thank you for two of the most informative seminars I’ve ever attended at a conference. I was so jazzed. I went home and opened a public Facebook page, signed up for a Twitter account and fixed my blog. It’s still a work in progress, and I’m in contact with my hosting company to figure out how to move it to where I have my static page. Being such a private person, I’ve been struggling to get over this mental barrier to promote myself online. And I can’t tell you what it means to finally be able to act on something that has been gnawing at me. I also purchased your boot camp book for when I get ready to self-publish the second edition of my novel. You’re an inspiration.