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Recent Posts

At the San Francisco Writers Conference

by Carla King
It’s just great to be at the San Francisco Writers Conference, over a decade old, I think it’s actually in its 12th year now. Even though I’ve moved to San Diego and Baja, California, I still feel a part of the writers community here in the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s rich ...

PressBooks for Preparing and Selling Your Ebook and Print Book

by Carla King
PressBooks’ Hugh McGuire just sent out a handy guide to preparing and selling a book with this cloud publishing system. I’ve used the tool three times now and love it. Have distributed using my own site, BookBaby and CreateSpace. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!  Here’s what he had to say in...

BookBaby adds POD Distribution – How do they compare with IngramSpark and others?

by Carla King
Today BookBaby announced print on-demand (POD) distribution services, which means that now they offer possibly the most complete solution available for authors who are self-publishing. They have long offered short run printing services – which meant that you could get a bunch of books delivere...

10 Quick and Easy Ways to Test, Publish and Sell Your Book

by Carla King
You’ve got your manuscript, so now what? Before committing to big distribution, try these quick and easy ways to publish while you finesse your book with great editing and design. You won’t even need to buy an ISBN number. If you’re not quite ready for prime time, beta publishing is a great wa...

How to Build an Email List in WordPress – Email Marketing 101

by Carla King
Building an email list is a hot topic among bloggers and small business owners. Just about every expert will tell you to build an email list, but most forget to cover common questions like what is an email list? why build an email list? how to build an email list in WordPress? etc. In this […]...

Advice for New Indie Authors from Self-Publishing Veterans

by Carla King
It can be a jungle out there for self-publishers. Just try Googling “publishing an e-book,” and you get a staggering 54,400,000 results. If you search “self-publishing an e-book” you come up with 2,510,000 results and if you ask for “self-publishing advice” you will be directed to a ...

Learn about ISBNs and Metadata from Bowker and IngramSpark

by Carla King
Robin Cutler with IngramSpark interviews Bowker’s Rebecca Albani on the importance of metadata and the ISBN. This is a great video with wisdom imparted from the source. Do understand this before self-publishing. Every author needs ISBNs from Bowker’s MyIdentifiers.com....

Pressbooks discounts and news for ebook and print book creation

by Carla King
I wanted to pass this news from Pressbooks on to you. Pressbooks is an online (in the cloud) publishing system that I’ve used twice to create books. It also has a great blog-to-book capability and they allow you to import from Word. They have awesome templates that export to PDF for print and ...

Amazon Kindle Announces Kids Book Creation Tool

by Carla King
[Update 9/18/2014: One of my self-pub boot camp authors tried this product and said it is still very basic but she could see where it was trying to go. So don’t expect much yet, but look forward to more features unfolding.] Today, Amazon announced Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Kids to help in...

A Body of Work: My Self-Publishing Videos

by Carla King
Today I wanted to send you a collection of videos on writing and self-publishing that I think you’ll find helpful. There are five episodes of the Carla & Marla Show, a series I’m doing with author and editor Marla Miller on the new rules for authors in the world of indie publishing....
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